Colonial Bronze 115 Cabinet Knob 7/8 in. diam. 3/4 in. proj.

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Made in USA

Diameter: 7/8 in.
Projection: 3/4 in.

Mounting Hardware: 2 Sets, 8/32 screws, 1" and 1 3/4"
Base Material: 94% Recycled Brass
Specify finish when ordering.
Colonial Bronze products are certified GREEN by SCSGlobal
This product is protected by Colonial Bronze's Finishes for Life Warranty.

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Product SKU 115-10Product SKU 115-10BProduct SKU 115-11Product SKU 115-14Product SKU 115-15Product SKU 115-15BProduct SKU 115-15CCProduct SKU 115-15FProduct SKU 115-19Product SKU 115-19FProduct SKU 115-20Product SKU 115-20AProduct SKU 115-26Product SKU 115-26DProduct SKU 115-26FProduct SKU 115-3Product SKU 115-3AProduct SKU 115-4Product SKU 115-4AProduct SKU 115-4FProduct SKU 115-5Product SKU 115-9Product SKU 115-ABProduct SKU 115-AFProduct SKU 115-CUProduct SKU 115-D10BProduct SKU 115-D11Product SKU 115-D15BProduct SKU 115-D19Product SKU 115-D20Product SKU 115-D5Product SKU 115-GRAProduct SKU 115-M10Product SKU 115-M10BProduct SKU 115-M11Product SKU 115-M15Product SKU 115-M15BProduct SKU 115-M19Product SKU 115-M20Product SKU 115-M20AProduct SKU 115-M26DProduct SKU 115-M4Product SKU 115-M5Product SKU 115-MGRAProduct SKU 115-MSCUProduct SKU 115-S10BProduct SKU 115-SCUProduct SKU 115-WB

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